Dogit Toilet Training Pads


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– Dogit® Training Pads are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
– These training pads are super absorbent, with leak-guard quilted pockets and polymer technology to soak up moisture and wetness and a protective plastic bottom layer to prevent any damage to flooring.
– Dogit® Training Pads are suitable for all pet life stages, and are ideal for housebreaking
puppies or for older, incontinent dogs. Dogit®
– Training Pads are also useful in dog homes, crates, carriers and in any living space.
– Suitable for all pet life stages.
Dimensions 55.8cms x 55.8cms  (22inches x 22 inches)

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How do the Piddle Pads Training Pads Work?

– Non woven fabric will not fall apart, even when the pad is moist
– Absorbent sheets actually keep moisture away from pad surface.
– Advanced material works as a gel to prevent surface moisture and odour, pad contains silica gel which makes it more absorbent than any other pad
– Polyethylene plastic sheet prevents moisture from seeping through to floor

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