Topflite Rabbit & Guinea Pig Mix


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Rabbits and guinea pigs need a diet stacked with fibre to stay happy and healthy. To meet that need we took a fibre-first approach in researching and developing a quality feed blend that supports good health and digestion in fibrevores. The result is a naturally tasty complement for a diet of fresh hay and veggies. Featuring pressed pellets of fragrant Timothy hay and higher protein lucerne hay, plus Timothy chaff and a sprinkling of carrot, this appetising mix is sure to get mouths moving.

  • Very high in the fibre essential for rabbit and guinea pigs.
  • Great way to diversify fibre offerings.
  • No fillers – just the good stuff!

Ingredients: Timothy pellets (100% timothy hay), lucerne pellets (100% lucerne hay), timothy chaff, carrot, rabbit pellets (barley, wheat, soya bean meal, grass fibre, soya hulls, molasses, bentonite, canola oil, limestone, dicalcium phosphate, salt, trace mineral and vitamin premix, choline chloride).

Analysis: Protein 12.8%, fat 2.8%, beneficial fibre 26.1%, ash 7.3%, calcium 6.4 mg/g, phosphorous 4.1 mg/g.

Feeding Guide: Feed as part of a hay-dominant diet with veggies and the occasional bit of fruit. As hay should make up 75% of the diet, feed no more than a handful of Rabbit and Guinea Pig Mix per day. The Mix may be gobbled before the hay (trust us, we’ve watched the taste-tests!) but resist the temptation to top up food bowls – chewing hay is an important behaviour to encourage. Always keep fresh water available. Guinea pigs require additional vitamin C so remember to provide fresh leafy greens too.

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