Argus Pet Electric Heat Pad


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Argus Electric heating pad especially made for your pet:


* Size 530 x 330 mm
* Gentle heating for your pet
* Great for pets that feel the cold
* Ideal for elderly or unwell pets
* Single heat setting
* Heavy duty plastic
Place the heating pad under your pets usual blanket and regulate the heat by the number of blankets you put underneath the heating pad.

When plugged in the pad won’t immediately feel warm and will not feel warm while only exposed to the air. The pad is designed to work with a thin material cover. When the pad is placed on a blanket or bedding, your pet will feel the warmth generated as it lies on the pad.

The material underneath the pad can be varied to change the temperature of the pad: If the pad is too cold add additional bedding/ blankets underneath the pad. If the pad is too hot remove bedding/ blankets from underneath the pad. Test the warmth of the pad by placing your hand between your pet and the top surface of the pad.

Heat output 8 watts

Wipes clean with damp cloth.

Made in New Zealand.

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Weight 2 kg


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