Covid 19 Vaccination Policy



FROM FRIDAY 3rd DECEMBER 2021 everyone visiting The Parrot Place aged 12 years and over will need to be FULLY VACCINATED in order to gain entrance to the park. You must present VACCINE PASSES for all eligible members of your party on arrival.

Customers to the pet shop do not need to present their vaccine passes but are required to wear a face covering. We also offer contactless Click  & Collect via website –

We are making this move to keep in line with the new Government regulations; the Covid-19 “traffic light” system. This will ensure that we can stay open and operate in our interactive and personal way.

The vaccination requirement is made solely for the safety, health, and well-being of our staff, the Barratt Family, all of our visitors and with the hope that we can have a fairly ‘normal’ summer.

We kindly ask that all our customers wear a face covering in the shop and throughout the park and maintain social distancing where possible.

We can confirm that all our staff members are double vaccinated and will all be wearing masks when in contact with customers.

As I’m sure you can imagine, this is going to be a tricky new set of rules for everyone to get used to so we ask for your patience and kindness with the staff as we get used to them too.

We have not made the above decisions lightly and they in no way reflect the personal views of our staff members, we understand that vaccination is a very personal choice but to remain in business and to continue to provide our best service to all our customers we have no choice but to follow the guidelines set out by the Government.