Hand Reared Galahs


Babies will be DNA’d and ready late December.

Pick up from The Parrot Place or can be shipped New Zealand wide at buyers expense.

A 50% deposit is required to reserve any bird. Price is per bird.

Please email to reserve


Product Description

Galahs are highly social and very long-lived; though they are sometimes kept as pets, this is not something to be undertaken lightly as they bond socially with their owners and may well outlive them, and like most cockatoos, are noisy and require a great deal of attention and care. Both male and female galahs are great talkers but the male is thought to be the better talker. They’re very loving and affectionate birds which form a very strong bond with their owner and like to think of themselves as ‘part of the family’. However, they do like their privacy at times and are quite happy to simply be around the family rather than be handled all hours of the day.The galah is also very affectionate.


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