Visiting Our Bird Park

The Parrot Place is a Bird Display and Breeding Centre set in the heart of Kerikeri in the Bay of Islands. We have approx 300 birds from all over the world and run a successful breeding and rearing programme. We also offer specialist avian and pet supplies and a range of parrots, hand reared and aviary bred for sale. Please take a look at  our online shop and Parrots for sale page for all our latest offers and listings.

Your hosts Mark & Vanessa look forward to your visit so go on , Take a Parrot Safari…

Wander through our glorious subtropical gardens and enjoy the entertaining antics and colourful plumage of a huge variety of native and exotic parrots from around the world.


Meet Elmo the dancing Macaw, he just loves to be the centre of attention and then enjoy a stroll through the large walk through aviaries and get up close and personal with our friendly parrots.


Let the kids burn some energy on our large play park whilst you sit back and relax in the picnic area. Ice creams are available from our on site shop.

Please click on this link to see more about us  TV3 The Cafe where we are the 2nd attraction of three.